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New TV: Salud Assails Senate Trial as a "Cover-up"

In a one-on-one Newsmakers TV interview, Rep. Salud Carbajal described the U.S. Senate trial in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump as a "cover-up."

"We are seeing a rush job. We are not seeing a commitment to a fair trial, to call witnesses, to allow for documents to come forward," he told us.

"And it seems more like a cover-up than the trial we expect for the Senate to conduct.”

Amid a flurry of district events while the House was out of session, Salud dropped by TVSB’s studios last week for a half-hour chat about impeachment, the situation in Iran, the difficulties of working with the Senate, the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign and his own re-election effort.

He also answered questions about the legislation on which he’s working in his current term, including his bid to ban oil drilling off the Central Coast, a bill to help local governments respond to climate change, a gun safety measure and proposed new regulations on small vessels in the wake of the deadly Conception dive boat disaster

Confronted by Mr. Cranky Pants with a grim political scenario that forecasts “nihilistic authoritarianism” for the nation, Carbajal acknowledged it’s a tough time to be a Democrat in Washington, but indicated his approach remains informed by the old maxim, Illegitimi non carborundum.

"You have to be an optimist right?" he said (ed note: No). "Despite the challenges, I wake up every morning optimistic that we can continue to do good and turn the tide on some of these bad things."

It’s all right here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

And you'll find our earlier interview with Salud rival Andy Caldwell, who's running as a Republican in the March 3 primary, right here.

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