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Newsmakers Panel: Back-to-School Waivers, 711 Milpas, Postal Scandal, Stoners, Drunks & More

The Newsmakers TV All-Star Lineup of Santa Barbara's Top Journalists returns, after a week on Double Secret Special Assignment, with analysis and commentary on all the latest local news, from the Santa Barbara school district to City Hall and beyond.

First Delaney Smith cuts through the murky cloud of confusing and conflicting public health data from the county and the state to explain how some local school districts are preparing to run a gauntlet of bewildering and byzantine bureaucracy in a bid to re-open classrooms for elementary kids, as infection rates decline significantly.

At least until the next data dump.

Next Nick Welsh and Josh Molina weigh in on the latest chapter of the long-running saga of the 711 Milpas Street project, which not only earned a development agreement height dispensation in exchange for 16 units of affordable housing this week, but also yielded the bizarre spectacle of developer Ed St. George suddenly becoming besties with City Administrator Paul Casey.

Then it's on to the strange tale of the disappearing and reappearing mail boxes at the USPS facility on Patterson Avenue, and how it fits in the national Postal Service election scandal, and a sudden interest in community input about cannabis evinced by Das Williams as the county seeks to site new retail pot shops. Plus: big clash on whether Insomnia Cookies is marketing to drunks or stoners.

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV - all here, right now and....the podcast version is here.

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