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Newsmakers Panel: Political & Policy Fall-Out from BLM -- Plus: Garden Street, Pandemic, Sambo's

Delaney Smith and Josh Molina join Jerry to discuss and deconstruct the fall-out and impact from yet another astonishing news week in Santa Barbara and across the nation.

Topic A is last Sunday's Black Lives Matter mass rally and march, and the widespread effects it already is having on policy -- a new civilian review board for police conduct seems in the cards -- politics -- controversy over Mayor Cathy's behavior at the protest -- and local culture -- goodbye to the Sambo's restaurant name in Santa Barbara.

And, oh yeah, there's still that whole pandemic thing -- will the close quarters of the march and the re-opening of commerce lead to a new wave of Covid-19 infections in the next several weeks? -- as well as long-simmering annoyance with SB's Community Development Department boiling over into full-on exasperation at City Hall -- not one, but two, new critical reports slam the impenetrable permit and building bureaucracy on Garden Street.

Plus: a look at the bittersweet, remote graduation celebrations of the Class of 2020.

All this and more, right here, right below, on Newsmakers TV. (The podcast version is here).

Lead image: A tense moment between (L-R) Simone Ruskamp and Krystle Farmer, organizers of Black Lives Matter march, and Mayor Cathy Murillo, as protesters look on near the Santa Barbara police station, May 31, 2020 (Valerie van den Broek photo).

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