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Newsmakers Podcast: The Ideal Self-Quarantining Companion (Works for Self-Distancing Walks, Too!)

Thanks to Lisa Osborn, the eminent audio maven and good friend of Newsmakers, our Department of Ship-to-Shore Technology and Geriatric Reverberations has learned to manage, if not quite master, the mysteries of transmogrifying our content into podcast format.

We're also grateful to Lisa, who In her current professional incarnation serves as News and Public Affairs Director at KCSB-91.9 FM, for giving us a radio home.

Our ongoing series of conversations and interviews with the people who are making, and covering, the news about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Santa Barbara County is airing on KCSB, UCSB's non-commercial public interest station, on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

And you can always access our growing library of coronavirus podcasts, which we'll update regularly, by clicking on the name of the guest you'd like to hear. Stay safe.

Nick Welsh. Santa Barbara's top dog journalist describes the stress and struggles that a local newspaper faces in covering a global story, as an unprecedented demand for quality, credible journalism arises while the ad revenues to fund it shrink dramatically (4-13-20).

Hannah Beth Jackson. The veteran state lawmaker, representing Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, speaks about the prospects for ending stay-at-home orders, and the problems local businesses are having with cancellation of key insurance coverage (4-13-20).

Gwyn Lurie. The editor-in-chief discusses the Montecito Journal's coverage of how conflict between City Hall and local business is hampering the city in navigating the crisis, and how new ownership and management is changing the community paper (4-16-20).

Kristen Sneddon. District 4's representative on Santa Barbara City Council describes the massive hit the pandemic is inflicting to the city budget, and argues that fiscal management of the crisis should rest on the principle of shared sacrifice (4-17-20).

Gregg Hart. The chair of the county Board of Supervisors, who is leading the local government response, explains why far more expansive diagnostic testing for Covid-19 is needed to protect public health and enable the economy to re-open (4-17-20).

Monique Limon. The rising star state legislator sheds light on Sacramento's two-track strategy against the virus, as she discusses both the statewide battle and the gritty, individual casework of helping constituents connect with available resources (4-20-20).

Josh Molina. Journalist Josh Molina offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the coronavirus is shaking up policy and politics inside Santa Barbara City Hall, with Mayor Cathy Murillo under attack from both sides of the political spectrum (4-21-20).

Meagan Harmon. Downtown Santa Barbara's representative at City Hall views the shuttering of State Street as both a challenge and a unique opportunity for smart economic and housing development as the city plans its recovery from Covid (4-22-20).

Salud Carbajal. Our 24th Congressional District House representative breaks down the massive bail-out and recovery legislation passed in Washington, and points to the federal prison in Lompoc as a dangerous epicenter of the outbreak of the virus (4-22-20).

Kate Ford. The SB school board member and career educator talks about the dramatic impact the public school shutdown may have on local students, and what the district is doing to prepare for classes to resume in the fall (4-24-20).


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