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Panel: Alejandra on the Hot Seat Over SB Rent Control; MS-13, Kamala to V-berg, SEIU, Taser Lady

It's an unfathomable mystery why fans of rent control on Santa Barbara's City Council (looking at you Kristen, Meagan and Oscar) didn't mandate the pro-tenant policy back in 2020 or '21 -- when they had the votes.

In 2022, of course, the pro-business Randy Rowse has replaced lefty Democrat Cathy Murillo as mayor, leaving the rent control troika reliant on their unpredictable and extrinsic council colleague Alejandra Gutierrez for a swing vote; this state of play led council this week to, um, form an (all rise) Special Committee, to think deep thoughts about a cap on rent increases, along with other aspects of what to do about the overall unaffordability of housing on some of the most valuable real estate on the planet.

In this week's edition of "Newsmakers TV," Josh Molina and Ryan P. Cruz, who covered the council's five-hour public hearing on the matter, break down the policy, politics, personalities and behind-the-scenes finagling that led to the unanimous vote to kick-the-can-down-the-road, an elephant-gives-birth-to-mouse denouement to a political drama that had been gathering for months. Not to mix a metaphor.

Janene Scully, Noozhawk's indefatigable North County correspondent, also joins the genial host, to unpack the latest developments in the complex, multiple murder case in Santa Maria against members of the MS-13 international organized crime gang, a vastly undercovered local story that she has owned since it began seven years ago; she also revisits the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to Vandenberg Space Force Base to unveil a new Administration policy on 21st century space operations.

The gang also discusses efforts by state Senator Monique Limon to help families coping with Alzheimer's, the latest beef between City Hall suits and public employees represented by SEIU, Covid updates - and takes note of Earth Day.

Plus: What's the deal with the Taser Lady in SB?


It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV. Watch the show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.

You can also watch the show on TVSB, Cox Cable Channel 17, at the following days and times:

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