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Panel: As Questions Multiply on Vaccine Allocation SB Supes Defend Roll-Out; Plus Schools, City Hall

The escalating controversy over the distribution of Covid vaccine by Santa Barbara County public health officials is Topic A on this week's edition of Newsmakers TV.

Nick Welsh tackles the worrisome dilemma of many long-term care and front-line health care workers declining to be vaccinated -- while sitting at the top of the priority list -- as Josh Molina dissects the politics of SB and Goleta school district officials pressing hard for a return to classrooms -- despite the lack of vaccines for teachers -- and Delaney Smith goes behind the scenes on why the Board of Supervisors suddenly trumpeted their support for public health officials -- amid community criticisms over the lack of shots for seriously at-risk populations.

From policy to politics, personalities to personal agendas, the gang also updates all the latest from City Hall, where embattled Mayor Cathy Murillo tangled with city council colleagues over approvals for a medical clinic for the poor, while city bureaucrats faced fierce neighborhood blowback over their plans for an Eastside park, amid a political landscape roiled by local election season.

And a fond farewell to former longtime local congressman Robert Lagomarsino, who died at 94, leaving an old school legacy of civility, bipartisan cooperation and mutual respect that stands in sharp contrast to today's weaponized politics. RIP.


You can watch the show via YouTube below or by clicking through on this link. The podcast version is here.

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