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Panel: Cathy Throws a Hail Mary on Rent Control as Kristen Wins on Lot Splits & Tiny Homes Advance

In a new, mansplaining edition, the Newsmakers TV panel dissects all the latest developments in the city and county's efforts to address homelessness and the supply of housing in Santa Barbara.

Nick Welsh has the story behind the story of newly designed "tiny homes" for a green-lighted city project near the Courthouse aimed at housing 33 homeless people, while Josh Molina details council member Kristen Sneddon's successful effort to exempt neighborhoods in high fire risk areas -- not to mention her council district - from a radical new state law that curbs construction of single family housing in California.

Joined by the genial host, the two also offer their political takes on defeated Mayor Cathy Murillo's on-the-way-out-the-door bid to impose tight new rent control on city landlords, before the trio takes turns rolling their eyes at the suggestion by Kristen-Cathy colleague Oscar Gutierrez that the council adopt legislation to prevent old and/or ailing people from living in those neighborhoods, as an alternate fire safety strategy that still would allow for more multi-unit structures to be built .

Um, okay.

Plus: the gang's redistricting analysis of newly released county district maps that may bring big changes to the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors; the impact of the retirement of the county's longtime water chief and a higher-than-usual quotient of interpersonal snark, cheap shots and contumely.

All here, right now - if it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV.

Check out the new show via YouTube below, or by clicking through on this link. The audio version is here.

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