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Panel: Decoding Online Gambling Props 26&27; St. George Milpas Deal Advances; Ed Race Forums on Tap

Confusing, misleading and spurious, big bucks ads for and against Propositions 26 and 27 in recent weeks have bombarded every sentient Californian who watches TV, ventures online or owns a cellphone.

Not to worry, Newsmakers TV is here to make sense of this bewildering cannonade of bamboozlement, as Ryan P. Cruz in this week's edition sorts through the politics, policies and players behind the hundreds of millions being shelled out in bids for voter approval of online sports gambling in the state (editor's note: now taking bets with anyone who doubts both ballot measures are doomed).

KEYT's Jade Martinez-Pogue returns to discuss the most striking local TV campaign ad to date, namely Republican Mike Stoker's attack on Gregg Hart, which uses Valentine's Day imagery to portray the Democratic District 2 Supervisor as a profligate wastrel whose life work has been fleecing taxpayers.

And Josh Molina weighs in with insights and commentary on the most contentious races in Santa Barbara and Goleta, before the gang chews over the latest win for developer Ed St. George's, City Hall-blessed 701 Milpas Street project, and what it portends for future city planning, amid Sacramento's steamrolling of locals to build, build, build more housing.

Plus: a shocking announcement from Jade that's great news for her and bad news for the town.

Program note: Next week, Newsmakers TV will partner with Montecito Journal editor-in-chief Gwyn Lurie on Zoomed campaign forums featuring candidates in three of the more competitive education races on the ballot: the contests for Trustee Area 1 seats on the County Board of Education; the Santa Barbara Unified School District board; and the SB City College board.

We expect to post all three on our YouTube channel by mid-week. Don't forget to vote.

Check out this week's show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here,


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