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Panel: Dissecting a Week of City Hall Intrigue, Drama and Folly - Plus Cathy's Latest Blunder

A secret personnel investigation, focused on allegations of religious persecution and church-state violations, shook up City Hall this week, as personalities, politics and policy combined for an intriguing and entertaining episode in Santa Barbara's never-ending civic soap opera.

Newsmakers rolls out its Mansplaining City Hall Division to untangle the twisted tale as Josh Molina, who broke the story about the hush-hush HR probe involving transportation czar Rob Dayton, and Nick Welsh, who advanced the ball with his own yarn on the brouhaha a few hours later, join the over caffeinated host for a fast-moving half-hour of fact-finding, analysis, background, context and well-informed speculation,

The gang shows how the machinations and maneuvering linked to the Dayton affair quickly emerged as a key factor in the selection of the important new State Street Advisory Committee, the high-profile District 4 election race between incumbent Kristen Sneddon and challenger Barrett Reed and even the conflict over the sweetheart Project Labor Agreement just granted to politically influential trade unions.

Plus, a look at the big farewell service for former Mayor Hal Conklin, which drew a who's who of the local political establishment, including several former mayors - and one glaring, notable and disrespectful absence in the form of the current occupant of the office.

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV - all here, right now.


Check out the show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.

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