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Panel: Down-to-the-Wire Election Takes, IV Covid Outbreak, New SB School Plan & City Hall Dustup

Three days before voting ends on Nov. 3, the Newsmakers TV gang breaks down the latest on the flood of early ballots and does some crystal ball gazing into tightly contested school board races in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Delaney Smith, Nick Welsh and Josh Molina drop in via the miracle of Zoom for down-to-the-wire, down-to-earth assessments of the local campaigns and those candidates who have shined and who have flopped, weighing the impact of key endorsements and fundraising in the most bizarre political landscape in history.

The All-Star journalist panel also has the latest on the Covid outbreak among the Greek community in IV, and what it means for the rest of us; an update on plans to return to classrooms in the Santa Barbara Unified School District; and a blow-by-blow analysis of that big City Hall throwdown over funding for homeless programs between council members Alejandra Gutierrez and Mike Jordan.

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV: Watch the show on YouTube below, or click through on this link and...the podcast version is here.


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