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Panel: Riven Rock Neighbors & Biltmore Workers Strike Back- Covid, H20 Bills, Hero Pay for Reporters

As the Covid public health crisis eases, government officials from Washington to City Hall still are still scrambling to manage the policy impacts -- and the political optics -- surrounding the financial fallout of the pandemic.

That's the top line report on this week's episode of Newsmakers TV, as Jade Martinez-Pogue updates the latest numbers, which show declining cases amid increasing vaccination numbers; Nick Welsh explains the serpentine pathway by which desperately-needed federal relief funds are making their way to renters; and Josh Molina comments on the performative politics by which City Council members are trying to force grocery stores to fork out better-late-than-never "hero's pay" to their workers.

Then it's on to non-Covid stories, with a look at the legal action undertaken by hotel workers afflicted by the mysterious shutdown of Ty Warner's Four Seasons Biltmore, an examination of the effort of Riven Rock Road neighbors to fight the gridlock parking and trash tossing inflicted by Hot Springs Trail hikers and a demystification of the Board of Supervisors' move on water transactions as the drought deepens.

All this, plus blinding insights, matchless bloviation, deep thoughts, cheap shots and bon mots all here, right now on Newsmakers TV. Watch the show via YouTube below or by clicking through this link. The podcast version is here.



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