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Panel: Supes, SBUSD, Goleta Schools Push Vaccinations for Staff - Where's SB City Hall? Elxn Update

Amid 63 Covid "active outbreaks" in the county this week -- multiple cases at a single site -- the Board of Supervisors, the Santa Barbara's and Goleta Union school boards (not to mention the state of California), in recent days have moved with urgency past loud anti-vaxxer opposition to impose vaccine-or-test policies on public employees.

The city of Santa Barbara? Eh, what's the rush?

Jade Martinez-Pogue, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join our genial host this week to examine the moves that some local government bodies have made to get their own houses in order, bu bumping the vaccine rate, while protecting citizens who come in contact with public employees, among a dangerous spike in delta variant Covid cases. ,

But it's been nearly a month since SB mayoral candidate James Joyce called for city government employees to be subject to the same kind of mandate, and so far: crickets.

The impending departure of City Administrator Paul Casey, a contentious election season and a lack of leadership from Mayor Cathy Murillo all are factors that have kept the city from taking a simple step that would serve both as a practical way to slow the spread, and to act as a clear message to those who still are hesitant about getting a vaccine.

Oh yeah, the fact that City Council hasn't met since August 17 may have something to do with it too.

While some members are enjoying summer break down time, Murillo and council members Kristen Sneddon and Meagan Harmon have been laboring on the campaign trail on behalf of their re-election efforts.

The panel on Friday dug into the debates and discussions that unfolded in tt wo candidate forums that kicked off campaign season this week, as Mayor Cathy smiled at the jibes and jabs of five challengers, while Harmon took on three rivals in a separate event, both co-sponsored by Newsmakers, Santa Barbara Talks and TVSB.

In both affairs, the issue of homelessness was front and center and, sad to report, none of the 10 candidates involved seemed to have a fresh idea for addressing the problem that has befuddled city leaders for decades.

At one point in the show, Nick noted that he first covered the homeless issue here in 1983, and recounted research showing that council members were arguing about what to do about "hobos" as far back to the 1950s.

"Everybody knows that homelessness is unsolvable," declared the Angry Poodle his own self.

So there's that.


Check out the latest episode via YouTube below or. by clicking through this link. The audio version is here.

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