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Panel: Unraveling Vaccine Shortage, Nearing Eviction Cliff Goleta's Covid School Plan, SBUSD Scandal

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

In a new episode of "Newsmakers TV," the panel deconstructs the reasons behind the infuriating shortages of Covid vaccine, amid a series of uncertain and sometimes conflicting statements from local, state and federal politicians and public health officials.

Nick Welsh, Delaney Smith and Josh Molina are back for a behind-the-scenes look, inside analysis and commentary on the big local news stories of the week.

The gang has the latest on the pandemic and 11th hour efforts to head off a wave of evictions in Santa Barbara and across California, along with the Goleta Union School District's possible expansion of summer school to help ease the impact of learning loss and a new big bucks lawsuit against Santa Barbara schools in the wake of yet another teacher scandal.

If it's Friday, it's Newsmakers TV -- all here right now.

You can watch the entire show via YouTube below or by clicking this link. The podcast version is here.


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