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SB Post-Election Rap: How Virginia & Vicki Won, Why Turnout Surged, What Next for Fair Ed, More...

The Whole World is Watching the fallout and impact of the U.S. Presidential race --

but only Newsmakers TV is offering behind-the-numbers analysis, political insight and hot takes about what happened in Santa Barbara County on Tuesday night.

Delaney Smith, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join the host for a fast-moving conversation about all the local education board races decided this week, from Santa Barbara and Goleta to City College and the County.

Amid record-shattering turnout, the gang dissects and discusses the multiple factors that explain why and how northwards of 90 percent of registered voters dropped off or mailed in a ballot --- or even showed up in person.

Also: an update on how the pandemic is affecting Santa Barbara, with a look at the different strategies school districts are using in a bid to get kids back in classrooms safely.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.

Watch below via YouTube or click through on this link and...the podcast version is here.


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