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SB Post-Election Rap: How Virginia & Vicki Won, Why Turnout Surged, What Next for Fair Ed, More...

The Whole World is Watching the fallout and impact of the U.S. Presidential race --

but only Newsmakers TV is offering behind-the-numbers analysis, political insight and hot takes about what happened in Santa Barbara County on Tuesday night.

Delaney Smith, Josh Molina and Nick Welsh join the host for a fast-moving conversation about all the local education board races decided this week, from Santa Barbara and Goleta to City College and the County.

Amid record-shattering turnout, the gang dissects and discusses the multiple factors that explain why and how northwards of 90 percent of registered voters dropped off or mailed in a ballot --- or even showed up in person.

Also: an update on how the pandemic is affecting Santa Barbara, with a look at the different strategies school districts are using in a bid to get kids back in classrooms safely.

It's all here, right now on Newsmakers TV.


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